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Companies says

"We are the Bosch Group. We belong to a charitable foundation but, most importantly, we belong to your daily life.

We are on this page to share our values, our history, our innovations, our vision, our corporate social responsibility and sustainability projects and how we are present in your daily life.

We are on this page to tell you our story in an innovative way, thanks to Just Knock…

…a story that may inspire you, a story based on entrepreneurial spirit, the same spirit we need you to use to propose projects, which may help us to improve our technologies, our business approach or our corporate social responsibility strategy."


"Just Knock intrigued us because of its creativity and innovation, both key and fundamental values for us in BCG.

Creativity and innovation but also concreteness and doability are the characteristics that we would hope to find in the ideas we will receive."


Vittoria Scordari


The Boston Consulting Group

“Just Knock approaches new talents to the companies in an innovative way, by allowing to understand the students’ real interest towards our company.”

Claudia Valentini

Selection Manager


“We believe Just Knock is an innovative and unconventional idea that allows young people to demonstrate what they are worth other than the curriculum, which often, because of the young age does non value the personal abilities and characteristics. Just Knock is al alternative method to find talents and ideas “out of the box”. All of this is perfectly aligned with our group’s mood and values, this is why Just Knock has all the right characteristics to become our perfect recruiting channel.”


Isabella Boioli

Senior HR Manager OneDay Group


"The idea that underlies Just Knock has the characteristics that we hope to find in the ideas we will receive: simple and ingenious. This is why we decided with great enthusiasm to embrace this project.
In a context as the national one we live in, many times who has a good idea does not have the means or the opportunities to develop it; viceversa, a society that needs to grow in a competitive market, sometimes it doesn’t have the ideas to grow. The opportunity to combine these aspects is what we most appreciate about Just Knock.

Blue Think on its side already acts as a breeding ground for development of new ideas: this is the main reason for this partnership. We hope to increase the opportunities for innovation that characterize our work.”


Alessandro Bailini

Chief Technologies Officer


“Artsana decided to become part of Just Knock’s network because we think it can be a new tool to ease both the communication and collaboration between the company and young talents, by knocking down barriers (also of technological nature) that prevent innovative and high added value ideas to be listened and developed inside the company.” 

Carola Croci

Strategy & Organization in Artsana Group

Artsana Group

“We strongly believe in young people, talent, passion, creativity and innovation. We found all this in JK and we are sure our partnership will be strong and positive”.

Silvia Marchisio

HR Manager

adidas Group

“Valsoia is active in recent markets in constant growth and evolution. We must intercept changes and interpret them in consistency with our values and mission. Looking at us from outside can indeed generate new ways of perceiving things, different from those that were born inside the business”.

Cristina Grappeggia

Marketing Director


“We like JK because it gives voice to young people and their ideas, which are nowadays given little value”.

Michela Brignoli

HR Director 


“Boffi decided to join JK because of a strong interest in scouting, especially of emerging young talents”.

Bice Marceca

Communication Manager 


“It is extremely interesting to receive new inputs, even out-of-the-box suggestions, from young and dinamic talents, allowing us to test our ability to acknowledge and implment external inputs”

Manfredi Cusmano



“We firmly believe in JK and in new synergies between businesses and students. We want to use new communication channels to break the coldness that usually permeates the first contact between students and work. We aim at sharing experiences with young talents and free minds to discover new opportunities for the company”

Marta Anzani

Corporate Manager 


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