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How to develop an idea for Just Knock

Just Knock


Sending an idea to Just Knock is very simple.

After registration, you will be able to submit and send your idea to the company of your choice by following some simple steps. It will be requested that you upload and attach a presentation

This brief guide is intended to give you the basics and main elements that we suggest you to include in your project. 

These are the steps you should follow: 

  1. Idea:

Define clearly the kind of product / technology / service / innovation / strategy. What is the innovation you are proposing? How can it be practically applied? 


  1. The need:

Describe the need your idea wants to cover. Analyse the refference market and define the Insight. 
By insight we intend an analysis of the needs and expectations your idea means to satisfy. "It's true, you are completely right! I had never analysed the issue from this perspective. You really got the intrinsec meaning of the problem".


  1. The target:

Who are the potential customers? Analyse and describe how you want to postion your idea in the market. An idea is valid and efficient when it's thought for its destinataries. 


  1. Value:

Now you have to define the Strengths of your idea; the way in which your idea creates value. What are the benefits in functionality and ecoomical terms? 
Describe the advantage that it brings to the company at a brief/middle/long term and what it offers addionally to what already exists. 


Now you have all the elements to present in the best way your Idea. 

Remember that the most detailed your project is, the most possibilities you have for your talent to be noticed. We suggest you to show best your talent by coordinating the text to images and useful data


Do you need a hand? We will be happy to help you! Contact us!



Just Knock


Just Knock


Just Knock

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