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About us

A volte per prendere ciò che si vuole… basta bussare! L'idea innovativa di JustKnock è mettere al centro le tue idee anziché il curriculum.


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"An italian HR startup promotes ideas, not résumés".

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"Are you ready to knock? Just Knock - The revolutionary recruiting platform".

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"Just Knock wins Web Marketing Festival 2016".

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Diario Innovazione

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"Just Knock! Find a job by presenting projects instead of CVs".


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"An idea instead of a CV".

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"Employers judge you on your ideas not your CV"


“Just Knock: The power of the ideas instead of the Curriculum”.

“Just Knock wins the contest for the innovative startups in the cultural sphere”.

Regione Lombardia

“Just Knock is the startup that allows you to find a job because of the quality of your ideas and not because of the length of your curriculum. Thanks to Eppela’s crowdfunding we reached 10.000 €”.


“An award dedicated to those who invest in change”.

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“Find a job by presenting promising projects and ideas to the companies”.


“Crowdfunding: 5 projects whose fundraising went well in 2015”.

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“Just Knock: when the right idea rewards and finds you a job”.

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“Do you have good ideas? They can find you a job thanks to Just Knock!”


“Just Knock, the startup that believes in ideas”.


“Eppela: 5 fundraising projects that succeded in 2015”.


“Just Knock: how to find a job with ideas instead of the curriculum- the startup of two young people that allows students and companies to meet in an online platform”.


“We build doors where there are walls”.


“A job for university students? 9 ideas to try”.

A Tutta Tesi

“Marianna Poletti was rewarded with the “Capacity Building” award for the project Just Knock”.


“Just Knock is the startup of two young people from Milan, thought to put in contact the students’ good ideas with the companies".


ITWIN 2015 is a competition for women active in the field of innovation as entrepreneurs and researchers.

Marianna Poletti, Founder di Just Knock, wins the “Capacity Bulding” prize.

The jury believes that Marianna managed to intercept the need of the market from both sides of demand and supply, thus interpreting on one side the needs of people her age and, on the other, those of business with a scalable system.


“Stories of success: Just Knock’s crowdfunding campaign with Eppela”.

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"Do you have an interesting idea? Just Knock helps you knock on the companies doors"


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 “Just Knock, let your ideas find you a job”.


“Two students and a website that protects ideas and allows to propose them to the companies by knocking on their doors”.

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“Doing business at 25 years old”.

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“The two girls that take your ideas to the multinationals’ tables”

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“Just Knock, focus on talent”


“A bridge between the young talents and the companies”


“How to find a job with a knock”


“Just Knock, the startup that helps you find a job thanks to the quality of the ideas and not the length of the curriculum”


Recently Regione Lombardia and Camera di Commercio in Milan have launched a contest to support cultural and creative start-ups.

SmartMiUp presented a number of creative and cultural projects in different fields (design, food, tourism, ...) and the winner is Just Knock, a project by Marianna Poletti, aiming at establishing  a communication between companies and joung talents.

 Marianna graduated from IED majoring in Advertising - Art Direction. After working as Art Directior and a Master in Brand Communication from Politecnico in Milan, Marianna started developing Just Knock. Here’s our interview:

JustKnock & StartMiUp winner Regione Lombardia Competition

Just Knock S.r.L. - P.I. IT 08772940964 -