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Just Knock is an online platform where you can send your ideas to the companies in its network (to see the complete list of available companies please register). Its mechanism allows the users to "knock" on the companies' doors to propose their ideas, and the companies to spot them and their innovative proposals and offer job opportunities and economic compensations in exchange. Our objective? To make the recruiting process more meritocratic, allowing the young talents to get the opportunities they deserve.

The registration is free. If you have any problem: 

One of the enormous advantages that Just Knock offers to its users is the protection of their ideas! Each one of the companies in our network has signed a contract that binds them to respect the intellectual property of every project it receives. This means that if the company wanted to use or apply an idea, it must contact the user and offer something in exchange for it; in other words "a good idea in exchange of a good opportunity". For more details please read our Terms and Conditions.

Just Knock is the first platform that allows the user to propose any good idea to the company of his or her choice. Ideas are usually born from a concrete need, which means that they could apply to any area: marketing, communication, business, digital, retail, human resources, distribution, packaging, product, etc.

If you want to use Just Knock but you still don't have a good idea in mind, you can still get inspired by the guidelines the companies have made available on their personal pages inside Just Knock. You just need to register and enter to the companies' section!

No. You will have to choose a single company at a time to which sending your idea. Once you have sent it, the company will have 30 days of exclussiveness to review it and evaluate it. If after 30 days the company has still not replied to your idea or showed any interest, then you will be allowed to send it again to any other company. For more details please read our Terms and Conditions.

Remember that in order for the company to fully value the potential of your idea, it's important to present it by specifying why you have chosen that company; that will definitely give some added value to your idea!

The more ideas you send, the more possibilities you will have to get good opportunities!

It's very important though to take care about your ideas' quality, this is why in Just Knock you can only send 4 different ideas at a time. After 30 days though, you will be able to decide if you want to "free" one of your 4 doors by deleting one you have already sent in order to submit a new one.

Presenting you idea is very simple. After having registered and completing your profile, you will only have to click on "new idea", fill in the text form (which is the preview the company will be able to see: title, brief description, added value, etc.), submit a cover image and a more detailed presentation (the more detailed it is, the more chances the company will appreciate your talent and dedication).

Remember that in order to send your idea you will have to complete all the required parameters. If you still need to create part of the idea, you can start filling in some parts of it and save it in order to complete it later on.

If you need any advise or you'd like us to review your project before sending it, you can contact us in and we will be very glad to help you!

Yes you can, but please remember to specify in the text form (in the brief description part) that the project was done in team and who was involved in it and how.

Just Knock is just at its beginning. If the company for which you had an idea is not part of Just Knock's network, you can write to; we will take care about contacting the company and trying to make it become part of our network!

Just Knock is dedicated to single individuals with good ideas and who are looking for job/career opportunities. For now, we are not offering this possibility, but of course we can still evaluate any particular cases, so if this was so, you can write to

If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas or even critics, please Knock on our door! We will be happy to open it for you!

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