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How does Just Knock works?

With Just Knock you can find work by responding to business games created by companies.
In this way the company can test your real skills right away.
In addition, your projects will be evaluated anonymously. The company will not see your identity until it has evaluated all the projects and completed the votes.
In this way we aim to eliminate prejudices and make your potential shine.

1) Choose a challenge
2) Send your project
3) Is evaluated anonymously
4) Wait for feedback
5) Go to interview

How do I sign up?
You can register at this link
Registration is free. Just enter the required data, you will receive a confirmation email to the email you indicate with a link.

If you do not receive it, write to us at


Are my ideas protected?

One of the great advantages that Just Knock offers users is the protection of ideas! All the partner companies to join Just Knock have signed a contract for which they undertake to respect the intellectual property of the projects received.

This means that if they want to use your idea they will have to contact you and offer you something in return "a good idea in exchange for a good opportunity".

For more details visit the Terms and Conditions section.

N.B. Foreign opportunities are subject to specific Terms and Conditions. For more information, please refer to the Special Terms & Conditions (USA).

Can I send the same idea to several companies at the same time?
No. You will have to choose a single company to send your idea to. Once sent the company will have 30 days of exclusive rights to evaluate it, if at the end of the 30 days the company has not replied or has not shown interest, you can send it again to another company. For more details, please visit the Terms and Conditions section of the website.

Remember that in order for the company to fully appreciate the potential of your idea, it is important that you present it by specifying why you thought of it for them, this will give a great added value!


How do i submit my idea?

1) Register on the platform and complete your profile

2) Go to the opportunities section and choose the mission you want to participate in. Once you have read the challenge in all its parts and understood what kind of work you have to present (PDF, VIDEO, AUDIO) and what is required, create your project.

3) When your project is ready, return to the mission and click on SEND IDEA.

4) Give a title to your idea, upload a photo cover identifying your project, upload your project in the required format and SEND.

N.B. You can send the idea only if you have completed your user profile.
N.B. Do not enter your first and last name into the project. The evaluation is ANONYMOUS.

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