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Special Terms & Conditions (USA)

The terms and expressions listed hereunder, shall have the meaning specified in the definition, being understood that terms defined in the singular form are to be considered defined even in the plural form and vice versa.

“Agreement” means this document;

“Site” means the web site that will be reachable from February 28th, 2015 through the URL;

“Just Knock S.r.l.” means the company Just Knock S.r.l. current in Milano, Via Cernaia 6, V.A.T. No: 08772940964,

“JK” means the set of services available on the Site and offered by Just Knock S.r.l.;

“Contents” means each and every file and information created, shared, uploaded or disseminated through JK;

“User” means the individual, i.e. natural person, loggin in to JK in compliance with the Agreement and acting for purposes related to any entrepreneurial, commercial, handicraft or professional business carried out;

“Idea” means the innovating project that the User thinks he has developed;

“Company” means a subject using JK’s services who could be interested in a certain Idea;

“Rating” means the assessment of the Idea expressed through a numerical score, according to the methods and criteria provided by JK;

“Expression of Interest” means the communication given to the User through JK, with which the Company notify their interest to proceed with the assessment of a possible agreement between the User and the Company in order to develop the Idea.

“Account” means a part of JK granted for use to the User and intended to enable the latter to separately login to JK’sfunctions, also by means of authentication procedures.

User General Regulation” means the User general regulation available on the Site.


1. Entire Agreement and prevalence

 This Agreement replaces and prevails over the User General Regulation.

 This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the User and JK with reference to its subject matter, and replaces any previous engagement, agreement and communication between the parties which may be in any way related to the subject matter of this Agreement.


2. What is JK?

JK is an instrument that originates from a thought that is as simple as it is revolutionary. Its foundations are based on the strong conviction that – today more than ever – we need to give voice to young talents, with a view to overcome those difficulties that prevent them from expressing themselves and the companies from listening.

Only through these processes can we obtain that effective collaboration such as to bring about development and innovation.

JK is the computing platform that allows users to create themselves new opportunities by expressing their ideas and enables companies to listen to them, so seizing the development opportunitiesbrought about by themultiple, innovating young talents’visions.

Therefore, Just Knock S.r.l. stands as a mere intermediary between the Company and the User.


3. The User


The User will be able to create and manage only one Account that is attributable to him.

Through his Account the User shall enter the following information:

  • First name and family name;
  • Gender;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telefone number.

 The information supplied to JK by the User will be processed in compliance with the privacy policy adopted by JK.


The User will be supplied with the login credentials relating to his own Account. These credentials, that are to be considered as personal, shall be stored by the User, who undetakes to take all adeguate safety measures for the purpose of their preservation, in order to minimize the risks related to unauthorized use, destruction, theft or loss of the same.

The User undertakes to promptly notify Just Knock S.r.l. of any theft, misplacemet or loss of login credentials.


The User shall enter in his Account the following Contents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (by filling out a specific form);
  • Place of residence;
  • Availability for work or collaboration;
  • CDL or name of the Master or DdR attended;
  • Subjects and sectors of interest;


The User is required to update his Account and to bring any changes relating to his working profile.

4. Idea


The User is required to enter in JK Ideas of his ownership and authorship and to expressly state that he is the holder of all rights related to each Idea and/or Contents entered in JK, including the intellectual and industrial property rights.

All information provided by the User must be truthful and in any case not reticent, nor capable in any way of misleading Just Knock S.r.l. and/or the Company as to the identity or the quality of the User and/or his Idea.

The User hereby grants to JK and the Company without restriction or payment with respect thereto, a perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive, irrevocable and royalty-free license to use the Idea. The User agrees to promptly execute and deliver such documents and materials and perform such acts as may be reasonably required for the foregoing purposes.


The User shall fill out a form proposed by JK in compliance with some mandatory parameters:

  1. Select company of interest (selecting through the drop-down menu among the ones available)
  2. Select the relevantcategory of the project (for ex. Product, Graphics & Packaging, Marketing & Strategy, Advertising & Communication) based on the ones that are available because activated by the relevant company. In fact, each company has the option to activate the reception section desired according to the need/availability they have in that area.
  3. Select among three types of proposals:

- "New line" (creation of a new market);

"Extension of the existing line "(complete/maximize the existing line);

"Revision of the existing line "(improvements increasing performances).

Finally, the User will be required to describe his Idea in detail and to give a brief summary of the Idea, as well as to fill out the fields that are present from time to time within JK.

Just Knock S.r.l. reserves the right to not enter, at its sole discretion, Ideas from the User that are judged in apparent violation of third parties’ rights, of the Agreement or of any Laws and regulations.


Each User can enter up to 4 (four) Ideas through JK.

Each Idea will be freely accessible to the Company for the next 30 days following the entry, after which period the User will be able to upload a different Idea or to reproduce the same within JK.


The Company will be able to access a brief summary of a User’s Idea through the services offered by JK.

Subsequently, if the Company consider such summary of interest, they will be able to access the Idea either in full, or limited to any Contents related to the same. In this case, JK will automatically report the relating communication to the User.

In order to allow the Company to assess the Idea and to avoid compromising a possible joint development, the User undertakes not to make the Idea public, as well as not to communicate, disseminate or commercially exploit it, limited to the period during which the Company has the right to assess the Idea, equal to 30 clear days, starting from the moment when the Company examines the Idea in full through the instruments offered by JK and the User simultanously receives the relevant communication.


After examining the Idea, the Company shall issue a Rating with regard to specific assessment items indicated by JK. This Rating can be accompanied by a brief written comment.


After accessing the Idea and issuing a Rating the Company will send the Expression of Interest.

After sending the Expression of Interest the Company can proceed with the first contact with the User using the instruments offered by JK including, but not limited to the internal chat and the internal messaging service.

The User expressly undertakes to use only the instruments owned by JK and not tocommunicate with the Company by means of different instruments.

It is understood that the Expression of Interest notified by the Company to the User should in no circumstances be interpreted as a formal commitment by the Company towards Just Knock S.r.l. and/or the User to establish a relationship of collaboration in any way.


Following the Expression of Interest and the first contact with the User, the Company can propose the latter an interview in order to know more in depth the Idea and the User himself, as well as to assess with the User the opportunities for cooperation.


5. Conditions of Use


The contents, works and materials published or anyway present on JK – including, but not limited to brands, logos, images, pictures, statements and documents in general reproduced thereon, as well as the application software and the codes used for JK’s implementation – are the exclusive property of Just Knock S.r.l., or are used with prior approval/licence by its owner. The User can dispose of them only if such activity is strictly necessary for the correct use of Just Knock S.r.l. All different uses of the above mentioned materials are forbidden for any purpose without the prior consent of Just Knock S.r.l.


The User can withdraw from the Agreement by serving a written notice by e-mail not shorter than 48 hours to the following e-mail address:, namely by using the instruments present within JK.

The withdrawal shall have no effect with regard to the performances already delivered.

The excercise of the right of withdrawal will result in the cancellation of the User’s Account and the simultaneous removal of the information entered therein, unless otherwise provided in the Agreement. Just Knock S.r.l. can likewise withdraw from the Agreement by serving a written notice by e-mail not shorter than 48 hours to the address indicated by the User.

In case of actual or alleged infringement, detected in any way, of the provisions of Articles 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 and Articles 4.1, 4.4 of the Agreement by the User, Just Knock S.r.l. reserves the right to suspend the provision of JK services,namely to withdraw from the Agreement at any time and without prior notice.

In any case, following the withdrawal and/or the Account cancellation, all information entered by the User will be sent to the addres indicated during registration in .pdf format.


The User assumes all responsibility with regard to the information and data entered within JK, and in particular, to the ownership and authorship of the Idea.

Just Knock S.r.l. shall not be liable in any way for any damages incurred by the User and/or third parties arising directly or indirectly from any defaults, namely from non-compliance or inexact fulfilment of the provisions set out in the Agreement.

Just Knock S.r.l. shall not be liable in any way to the User for the Company’s actions.

In any case the User shall hold Just Knock S.r.l. harmless and indemnified from any consequences, both civil and administrative, as well as from liabilities, losses, damages or costs incurred as a result of compliance and/or non-compliance of the Agreement and/or of any provision of law whatsoever, namely in case of claims for damages/losses raised for whatever purpose by the User, the Company or by Third Parties.

Just Knock S.r.l. shall not be liable in any way in case of total and/or partial unavailability of the Site and/or of JK. Any liability of Just Knock S.r.l. is therefore expressely excluded in case the JK services are not available on the dates specified in the Agreement, namely in case of temporary or permanent discontinuation of the same.

This provision does not apply to Just Knock S.r.l.’s liability by intent or gross negligence.


Just Knock S.r.l. reserves the right to change the services provided through JK at any time and without notice, by integrating new features, namely by suspending or modifying some of the services in order to improve the same.

Just Knock S.r.l. also reserves the right to unilaterally amend the Agreement by serving a seven (7) days’ notice, expressly without prejudice of the User’s right to withdraw from the Agreement in such case as provided for by Art. 5.2.

For any complaint relating to JK, please send an e-mail to:


The JK platform and itsdigital contents are offered with adequate features to the purpose for which JK was designed. No technological protection measures have been adopted to protect the rights of Just Knock S.r.l.

JK is offered without any guarantee of total documental and/or application interoperability with the User’s software and hardware.


By ticking the boxes on completion of the registration process the User declares to have read, understood and accepted the Agreement, as well as to have received, read and understood the privacy notice present within JK.

Both documents will be also sent in .pdf format on completion of the registration procedure to the e-mail address indicated during registration.


Just Knock S.r.l. can replace itself with a different subject and/or assign the Agreement in any way, in full or in part, at any time and without notice.

Just Knock S.r.l. can subcontract and/or entrust to third parties the performance or delivery, in full or in part, of the performances due under the Agreement without notice.


The Agreement is regulated by the Italian Law; any dispute connected to the Agreement will be the exclusive competence of the Court of Milan.    




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